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Update on the Congo crisis: an interview with activist Kambale Musavuli in DC

March 31, 2009

Kambale Musavuli is an advocate leader from Congo, the spokesperson and student coordinator for the advocacy group Friends of Congo and currently an Engineering student at North Carolina A & T University.

Kambale has helped coordinating the campaign Break the Silence Congo Week with Friends of the Congo, a non profit based in Washington, DC.

I first met Kambale along with Maurice Carney in October 2008, and the result were three popular videos on Youtube. After that Kambale was invited to several TV channels including Democracy Now! Since then also some things have changed in the Congo and its humanitarian crisis.

Few days ago I met with Kambale again -basically I had to insist and finally I got some time from his busy schedule- and we sat at a local DC museum, the American Art and Portrait Gallery.

This time we talked about the current situation of the ongoing war in his home country the Congo, the influence of the US policies in such crisis, the Obama administration’s lack of action and response to stop violence in Africa, the presence of China in Africa, the leadership in Congo and the actions Americans can take to support the Congolese, among other important issues.

Watch these videos (30 minutes long) and get to know about the current worst human crisis in the planet, and the deadliest war since World War II. Of course, remember to spread the word, do something!



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