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The Commuter sculpture and the trash container at Wheaton Metro station

March 21, 2009

Bad taste, lack of respect for art, indifference, what else can we blame this to? Th Commuter is a roller skating trying fast to make it somewhere in time… but some cruel soul person placed a garbage container – right in front of his path to the Wheaton Metro station.

Who would do such a tasteless thing? Sculptor Marcia Billig must be really sad somewhere… I was in MD the other day and I noticed this.

Photos by Carlos in DC

Here is some info about the bronze man: The Commuter. Marcia Billig, 1994. Bronze sculpture. Wheaton station, Red Metro Line, Washington, DC. Info from here

Also a Flickr photo link has this info:

The Commuter, by Maryland artist Marcia Billig, is located at Wheaton station on the Red Line in Montgomery County, Maryland. The seven-foot-tall bronzefigurative sculpture depicts a rushing hat-clad commuter on roller skates, with a newspaper in one hand and an attache’ case in the other. The sculpture was commissioned for a public space in the Wheaton Business District by Montgomery County Government through its Art in Public Architecture Program.

This is not the only “commuter sculpture” in the US, but it sure is the only one with a trash can next to it, at least from the 147 photos I can see here.

Can someone do something to fix this?


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