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Filmmakers looking for participants to share stories on immigration and naturalization in the US

January 27, 2009

A film production company is looking for interviewees for a documentary on immigration and naturalization in the US titled Naturalized, which is to be featured at The History Channel. The producers are Flicker Flacker Films, this is their Youtube channel, here is their Facebook, and this is the information they have sent out:


    Flicker Flacker Films is currently producing a feature-length documentary about immigration for The History Channel. With our production period is coming to a close, we have a few remaining story lines we’d like to follow. We hope some of you might like to share your stories with us.


    We have a few participants we are still hoping to find who might represent perspectives & experiences we’d like to include. With all of these, we are seeking dynamic, articulate individuals who are willing to share their stories with us on camera. Here’s who we hope to speak with:

    1. *MILITARY*: Someone *on active duty* in the military who is *a green card holder*. It is ideal, but not necessary, if this person will go through some step of their immigration process or be deployed (or any other filmable event that might help give us a deeper understanding of their experience) within the next 6 weeks.

    2. *LOVE STORY*: Seeking a *romance* challenged by immigration. Perhaps this story will show that love can overcome bureaucracy, and ideally the couple involved will have an *adjustment of status interview* within the next 5 or 6 weeks in which the couple will prove the legitimacy of their love/marriage.

    3. *ASYLUM: We’re seeking either an asylum seeker going through some part of their process, such as their hearing or a decision in their case over the next 6 week, or an asylee who is becoming a naturalized citizen and might go through a step of that process over the next 6 weeks (we are interested in asylum sought for all reasons).*

    4. *GREEN CARD: *We’d like to film a green card interview. There aren’t restrictions here, but if it involves any of the categories above, that’s a plus.

    We have crew based in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Minneapolis and near Fort Bragg, however, we can get crew to any location, even overseas, for the right story.
    Anybody interested should email:


    The film is called The Naturalized and it explores the immigrant experience through the eyes of a diverse range of individuals as they follow their distinct paths to citizenship. The film is apolitical and does not focus on policy. It is intended to give an accurate representation of the immigrant experience and educate a general audience about the challenges and rewards of becoming an American by choice.

    Although the main focus is on naturalization, a portion of the film will explore the complexities of immigration including asylum, marriage, children, deportation, military service, and denaturalization. We believe these stories give naturalization greater meaning and give the audience a better sense of the scale and struggles of immigration. Thank you.

Also I found these two videos of studies made for the film:

Immigration Attorney
Study for “The Naturalized”

New citizens
A naturalization ceremony in New York, 2008


Hope they find the people they need and can’t wait to see this film. If you are interested to participate, again, email them:


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  1. July 2, 2011 4:51 AM

    How often are Naturalization ceremonies conducted and where are they held?

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